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Drabbles while IJ is down!

Title: Feathered Touch
Characters: Charlie Weasley/Hermione Granger
Word Count: 170
Rating: PG
Summary: Charlie notices Hermione.
Author's Note: Written for millieweasley, who requested Charlie/Hermione and UST or first love.

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Title: I Got Me a Best Friend
Characters: Montague, Miles Bletchley
Word Count: 170
Rating: PG
Summary: Montague and Miles are hiding in hopes to do some fun.
Author's Note: This is for awaywithpixie, who requested Miles and Monty doing something "naughty". ;)

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Title: The Proper
Characters: Draco Malfoy, mentions other Slytherins
Word Count: 122
Rating: G
Summary: Draco has a problem with some of his housemates
Author's Note: This is for the_spinnersend who requested Montague/Verity. But you can read the couple as anyone you want ;)

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Wow...just wow.

[20:07] mightysnuffles: if I had a really nice pimp cane, would you respect me?
[20:07] eccentriclypink: prlly not
[20:08] mightysnuffles: what do I need to do to earn you're respect?
[20:09] eccentriclypink: you have respect
[20:09] eccentriclypink: just not playa/hoe respect
[20:09] mightysnuffles: how do I get that?
[20:10] eccentriclypink: you don't
[20:11] eccentriclypink: not from me
[20:12] mightysnuffles: the bond between pimp and hoe is one of the most sacred and meaningful forms of friendship
[20:12] eccentriclypink: what?
[20:12] eccentriclypink: no it's not
[20:12] mightysnuffles: you heard me
[20:12] eccentriclypink: your on crack
[20:12] mightysnuffles: if by crack you mean heroine, then yes, yes I am
[20:13] eccentriclypink: LOL
[20:13] mightysnuffles: I just love wonderwoman
[20:13] eccentriclypink: O.o
[20:14] mightysnuffles: get it heroine
[20:14] mightysnuffles: hahah


April 6th? OMG!!!

So...it's been over a month since I last posted here...even some silly stupid quote. Forgive me? beyonddark_rpg has become my new obbsession and it's all I do (besides school work). It's great fun, I play bd_charlie, bd_angelina, and bd_hestia.

For those few of you on my flist, if you're looking for a Harry Potter RPG, it's the place to be! Right now we're only open to cast DE's, Arthur, Bill, Lucius, Narcissa, Alicia, Fleur, Crabbe, and Flint. I also really want a Lee Jordan...but the modlie-types say we don't need him. (Angelina feels different ;) ESPECIALLY if Lee's PB is Gary Dourdan.)

Anyway, I'm having a fantasitc time, and I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. I have Learning Defense almost finished, it's just Hestia gets pissy everytime I try and write Kingsley with anyone else (she and him have something going on in the RPG), so I have to distract her just to work on it ;)

And I also am still working on that piece that I promised a long time ago, Finding Mrs. Weasley, but as stated...so distracted lately.

I promise I'll try and work on it a bit over this long weekend, maybe pick up from my dry spell a little bit. Also, on a sadder note, I no longer have a paid account...but I'm not sure if I'll get it again, just because I am not on here so often anymore...but eh. We'll see.

Kisses to all!


Quote of the Day VII

With a wicked grin he leaned down to whisper in Rose’s ear, “Don’t let him lie too you. Unless he’s been wrangling dragons without his pants, his arse is just as white as mine.” He said it just loud enough for Charlie to hear, then looked over and gave his brother a smirk.

~Ron Weasley (whose played by the wonderful Ang, on beyonddark_rpg.)


"Why does he have to be a dick because he's a victim? Couldn't he just be a dick? I personally don't have a problem with it. I DON'T think he's a dick because he's a victim. I think he's a dick who just happens to have been a victim."

On the TV show, House


Quote of the day V

She liked Tonks – had from the second they’d set eyes on her in that first meeting. She had spirit, and as Lily was all spirit these days it was a quality she liked to look for in the living.

From: Remus Lupin and the Deathly Hallows


Quote of the day IV

"For example, Sirius did not invent the phrase, ‘Ruthless or toothless, she’s mine.’”

Remus guffawed as his mind roved back to their later years in school, and the time after, before Harry was born. It was a confident proclamation that was invariably whispered into the ear of whichever friend happened to be closest when Sirius entered a pub and spotted a woman he wanted to meet. “How do you know he always said that?”

“Because Mum told me their Grandfather Pollux always shouted it while standing drunk on top of the formal dining table at Christmastime, just to aggravate Grandmother Irma. Of course Sirius had to adopt it.”


From: A Star Danced


Quote of the Day III

But I stop in time, reminding myself that fire is not my friend.

From: Through the Floo


Quote for the day II

"I think Orsino and Bathilda have just become my OTP, which is a bit of a worry. But who can resist a man filled with primordial magic?!"

Orsino and Bathilda are briefly mentioned in Through a Mother's Eyes by mrstater.