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This is my (earlier, Harry Potter, now whatever I darn feel like) fic journal. I will post fanfic's, fanart (maybe), icons, and anything else fandom/writing related here. For I am a creative being and spew out stuff like mad.

I also owner/co-own/or run other Harry Potter (amoung others) livejournals. A full list is below.

12grimmplace This is co-run with Lynn, it's a Harry Potter info journal, with (hopefully) up-to-date information about Harry Potter. Including fanfiction, news, theories, essays, and a question and answer segment.

arias_song My RL journal, it's locked, but if, for some strange reason, you want to read about my boring life just follow the instructions on my user info page there and I will. But I warn you, I'm boring.

albus__d This is also co-run with Lynn. It's an icon journal, though occasional we update with wallpapers, but overall it's icons. Hasn't been updated in a while, but we've been writing fanfiction. :)

hugs4remus A Remus icon challenge community which runs about once a week, currently looking for a new mod OR waiting for summer so I can start it up again. If members are up for it.

lizblack My Liz diary. Tells the story of Elizabeth Hirazaki through Order of the Phoenix, has not been updated because I'm trying to figure out how to add in the Half-blood Prince information. (ANNND I realized my dates are screwed up...so gotta fix that too)

kaleidoscopefur Run with three other co-mods. It's a Remus/Tonks drabble community. Currently has the theme of "Secrets".

ficalbum A multi-fandom community that I run. You pick a CD, a fandom, and a group and write the entire CD as your prompt. Join for the fun!

I'm a frantic fan of the Harry Potter fandom (and so much more!), and I will argue my points with fierocity. I'd love to have friends if you want an add.

Prompt Tables
Charlie Weasley
12 Grimmauld Place
Bill and Fleur(COMPLETE!)
Howl's & Chrestomanci(DROPPED!)

Puzzle Pieces
Moonlight Descendants
Weasley Animal Magnetism

Disclaimer: Anything I write (if it's fanfiction) is not for monetary gain. It is completely for pleasure and I do not own or have any rights to the characters or the worlds. They belong to someone else. I just dabble in the worlds for my own (and hopefully others) amusement. However, if it is an original work (which I will state), then its all mine and if you want to use it you'll have to ask. I'll most likely tell you it's fine (as I would be very flattered) but please, ask.

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